Testimonies from Maspero

Journalists and activists in Egypt are consolidating the testimonies of eye witnesses to events in Maspero, Cairo on 9 October 2011 when the army violently attacked a protest march being held by mainly Coptic Christian protesters.

On that night, state media incited the Egyptian public to defend the army from the protesters pointing to a dangerous trend in post-Mubarak Egypt that threatens the gains of the 25 January revolution.

In the face of testimonies and videos of the bloody events of that night, the army who during the 25 January uprising claimed it would never open fire on an Egyptian citizen, continue to deny that soldiers shot or deliberately crushed protesters under the wheels of APCs. This statement is still more horrific in the face of video evidence such as this graphic clip. Before clicking on the link to the video please be warned, it is not for the faint hearted. It is the clearest clip I have seen of people being dragged down under the wheels of the army vehicles.

This is post-Mubarak Egypt and one thing that has changed is the determination to document events and distribute information, the determination to be informed and expose attempts of those in power to hold on to power through lies, corruption and violence.

A press conference in which the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces (SCAF) denied culpability for the deaths of 25 and injuries of as many as 500, was met with derision.

You can make up your own mind by reading the testimonies of those at Maspero on 9 October 2011 by clicking here.

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