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Fissures Grow Between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Army over the Constitution

Muslim Brotherhood clashes with Army over Egypt’s Constitution MARCH 26, 2012 BY DR ELIZABETH ISKANDER AND MINA MONIR (Originally published by the Conservative Middle East Council) Before presidential elections are due to take place in May 2012, Egypt’s transition timetable dictates that … Continue reading

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Originally posted on CONNECTED in CAIRO:
Though their presence in the Middle East predates Islam, Christians are "curiously absent" from the scholarly literature on that part of the world. “Christians in the Middle East have been curiously absent from Western…

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Coptic Pope Shenouda III Passes Away

The Coptic Church has announced today that Pope Shenouda has died.  He had been the patriarch of the largest Egypt’s Christian community, the Coptic Orthodox, since 1971. Details are not yet clear but he had clearly been ill recently.  His … Continue reading

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Audio slideshow: Across the two Sudans

“How do you define Sudan? And how does Sudan define you?” These are two important questions as tensions continue to rise along the borders of Sudan and South Sudan. Source:   Border clashes and rows about oil wealth cloud the … Continue reading

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