“Christians in the Middle East have been curiously absent from Western and Middle Eastern scholarship,” write Julia Droeber and Fiona McCallum in a special issue of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations. It’s a special issue because all the articles are selected as attempts to change this curious absence by focusing on the presence of Christians at crucial junctures of Middle Eastern social and political life.

Among the more interesting articles are:

“The ‘mediation’ of Muslim–Christian relations in Egypt: the strategies and discourses of the official Egyptian press during Mubarak’s presidency” by Elizabeth Iskander.

This article analyses the representation of Muslim–Coptic relations in the Al-Ahrām newspaper between 2005 and 2010. The primary goal is to assess the strategies and discourses used by this newspaper to represent sectarianism. As scholars note, negative representations of the ‘other’ in the media can contribute to shaping and prolonging conflict. Therefore, Al-Ahrām‘s representation of sectarian…

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