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The Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood: Implications for Egypt

A new article published in the Middle East Policy journal looks at the rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since the Arab Spring.  It sets out the underlying factors and shows how domestic and regional challenges were … Continue reading

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Police Brutality as Egyptians Protest Against Morsi

Two years on from Egypt’s uprising of January 2011 and it seems little has changed.  In the ongoing protests in Egypt sparked by the anniversary of the uprising on January 25, Egyptian security is cracking down hard on protesters. For … Continue reading

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Fissures Grow Between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Army over the Constitution

Muslim Brotherhood clashes with Army over Egypt’s Constitution MARCH 26, 2012 BY DR ELIZABETH ISKANDER AND MINA MONIR (Originally published by the Conservative Middle East Council) Before presidential elections are due to take place in May 2012, Egypt’s transition timetable dictates that … Continue reading

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