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Renewed Sectarian Violence Reported in Egypt

According to this AFP report, a violent clash broke out on Friday 5 April in Qalyubia, Egypt. Five people are believed to have been killed so far.  Egypt has suffered regular incidents of violence between Muslim and Christian citizens for decades. … Continue reading

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Religion and politics in Egypt today: Ideological Trends and Future Prospects

  Religion and politics in Egypt today:Ideological Trends and Future Prospects Elizabeth Iskander for the Institute Francais des Relations Internationales. Introduction: The sudden opening up of political space since the uprising of 25 January 2011 began has given visibility to the range … Continue reading

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Calme Renenvue a Dashour?

First published on Nouvelles du Caire, 10 August 2012 by Sophie Anmuth En juillet après des violences suite à une querelle au sujet d’une chemise abîmée par le teinturier copte, des Coptes avaient fui le village de Dahshour, en banlieue … Continue reading

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Still no Sectarian Problem in Egypt?

On Monday, American Secretary of State Hilary Clinton voiced concerns about religious freedom in Egypt. Reacting to Clinton’s statements,   Mahmoud Ghozlan, spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood, stated; “Non-Muslims in Egypt receive equal rights to Muslims in terms of freedom … Continue reading

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Sectarian Conflict in Egypt Coptic Media, Identity and Representation

This new book was published today as part of the Routledge Middle East Politics Series. Abstract In light of the Egyptian uprising in early 2011, understanding the dynamics that are shaping Egyptian politics and society is more crucial than ever … Continue reading

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The ‘mediation’ of Muslim–Christian relations in Egypt: the strategies and discourses of the official Egyptian press during Mubarak’s presidency

This article, which appears in the journal of Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations  Vol. 23, Iss. 1, 2012, analyses the representation of Muslim–Coptic relations in the Al-Ahrām newspaper between 2005 and 2010. The primary goal is to assess the strategies and discourses used by this newspaper to represent … Continue reading

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Arab-Iran Relations: discourses of conflict and cooperation

This Arab-Iran Relations Conference Briefing Paper is a follow up to an LSE conference held jointly by the Middle East Centre and the Department of International Relations with generous funding from the Dinam charity.  The conference entitled ‘Arab-Iranian Relations: discourses of … Continue reading

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