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“The Arabness of Middle East regionalism”, New Article in Contemporary Politics

The Middle East is often considered to demonstrate a case of weak regionalism. This article suggests that the continued prevalence of Arab identity as the hegemonic component of regional consciousness contributes to this. The dominance of a discourse of ‘Arabness’ … Continue reading

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Turkey and Iran, rivals or partners?

Ankara and Tehran have long vied, albeit quietly, for regional predominance. Key to the outcome of that struggle is Syria, writes Elizabeth Iskander originally published in al-Ahram weekly, 21 November 2012 The Arab Spring has not only caused political shock waves in Arab … Continue reading

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Arab-Iran Relations: discourses of conflict and cooperation

This Arab-Iran Relations Conference Briefing Paper is a follow up to an LSE conference held jointly by the Middle East Centre and the Department of International Relations with generous funding from the Dinam charity.  The conference entitled ‘Arab-Iranian Relations: discourses of … Continue reading

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